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Aravin Dreysel - Mandalorian Character Sketchpaint by Kadira7211 Aravin Dreysel - Mandalorian Character Sketchpaint :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 25 13 Mountains - Sketchdoodle by Kadira7211 Mountains - Sketchdoodle :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 2 0 Forge of Shadows - Bloodlines by Kadira7211 Forge of Shadows - Bloodlines :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 9 6 Kehra- Full Body Design Piece by Kadira7211 Kehra- Full Body Design Piece :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 16 0 Alessia Dreysel - Mandalorian Character Concept by Kadira7211 Alessia Dreysel - Mandalorian Character Concept :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 43 6 Sith Character Commission - Maegara by Kadira7211 Sith Character Commission - Maegara :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 14 1 Vesrai - Green Jedi Drawing by Kadira7211 Vesrai - Green Jedi Drawing :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 80 14 2016 Art Summary by Kadira7211 2016 Art Summary :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 2 1 Vesrai - Jedi Design by Kadira7211 Vesrai - Jedi Design :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 22 4 Practice sketch - 01 by Kadira7211 Practice sketch - 01 :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 3 2 Jedi Design Vignette - 02 by Kadira7211 Jedi Design Vignette - 02 :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 3 0 Jedi Design Vignette - 01 by Kadira7211 Jedi Design Vignette - 01 :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 13 3 A'mari - Sith Togruta Drawing by Kadira7211 A'mari - Sith Togruta Drawing :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 65 14 Inktober - Day 13 - Scared by Kadira7211 Inktober - Day 13 - Scared :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 5 2 Inktober - Day 12 - Worry by Kadira7211 Inktober - Day 12 - Worry :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 4 0 Inktober - Day 11 - Transport by Kadira7211 Inktober - Day 11 - Transport :iconkadira7211:Kadira7211 3 0


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Hey everyone. So now that I am graduated and no longer have school hanging over my head, I've decided to go ahead and open up commissions. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time now, but never really had the time to be able to commit to it. But now that's all changed :) (Smile) So I'm now opening up for commissions - you'll find all the information below. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM and I'll do my best to answer them :) (Smile)

1) ----Open----
2) ----Open----
3) ----Open----

Character Commissions -

Portrait/bust -

Sketch - $15
Inktober - Day 13 - Scared by Kadira7211Corey Sketch by Kadira7211

Color - $35
Gift Commission - Corey Black by Kadira7211Kehra Ke'dem - Sci-Fi Pilot Drawing by Kadira7211Sihna - Mandalorian Character Speedpaint by Kadira7211

Full Body-

Sketch - $20
Sihna Sketch by Kadira7211Inktober - Day 06 - Lost by Kadira7211Elegance Sketch by Kadira7211

Color - $40
Sihna - Mandalorian Gladiator Drawing by Kadira7211Kes Isper - Gray Jedi Drawing by Kadira7211

Scenic Background - $10/$15 - Varies based on detail. Will discuss beforehand.

Extra Character - ½ of first

Character Concept Work -

(Includes Sketch, Pose, and outfit/costume design)

B/W/minimal color- $35

Full Color - $45

The Details -

What I Need From You -

Reference Material - Something to let me know what you’re looking for. This can be poses, facial reference, color palettes, etc. Things you want me to see to help me to understand your commission. As such, this is something I need to be able to access (Drive, Dropbox, Pinterest, etc) just so long as I can see it.

Character descriptions are helpful, as are pose references if you’re looking for something specific. Facial reference, color schemes, etc are all welcomed. Again, anything you think is useful to explain what you’re looking for.

Universe Reference: If the character is an OC for a specific universe, I’ll need references of that as well to fit the feel of it as much as possible.

What You’ll Get From Me -

After the character/design, etc is all talked out and we’re on the same page, and the first ½ payment clears, I’ll start sketching. Once the sketch is finished, I will do a ‘critique’ to see if anything needs to be fixed/changed. Once those changes are made, I’ll move on to line, and then color. (If applicable)

After the final image is shown to you, I can make minor changes and adjustments. Anything major will require additional payment, as it’s more time that needs to be spent.

Most of my pieces go Sketch - Line - Color. Sometimes I will skip the line phase for colored pieces if the sketch is enough to go by.

I’m super open about questions, concerns, etc, so if at any point something pops up, send me a message and we can talk about it. Once the sketch is approved I won’t be able to make any major changes, but I’m willing to work with you. I want you to be happy with the final result, so don’t be afraid to send me a PM if something comes up in the character design.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Payments will be taken using PayPal. Sorry, but no points commissions at this time.

½ of the payment is due up front, and the rest after the piece is finished. This is to protect me as much as anything, as it ensures that I don’t spend a bunch of time creating something that then doesn’t get paid for. Also, it lets you know at the beginning what you’re going to be paying so you’re not startled by the end number.

I’m not offering refunds, but I will do my best to make sure you, the commissioner, are happy with the piece. I’ll show you a low-res, watermarked version of the image so you can see it before you send the full payment through.

Once I get the payment in full, you’ll get the Full Res version in .PNG format at 300 dpi unless other size/format is requested, without the watermark. This means that, if you choose, you’ll be able to print the piece as well.

The works are for personal use only, not commercial work. If you’re wanting a piece to use for a commercial purpose, get in touch with me and we can discuss prices.

I also keep the right to put the piece on my own personal websites and DA profile. This helps me to improve and expand my opportunities. I will credit you for the character depicted, of course.

In terms of a timeline, I have up to two weeks to complete the final image from the time I start sketching. Please note, this can change if I have difficulty getting in touch with you for approval of the sketch, or if there are adjustments being made after the image is finished.

Crediting: I know a lot of people use commissioned work for characters on RP sites, etc, so I have no issue with you using the work outside DA. If you do put it on DA, please credit me. As for outside sites, I know it's a pain to credit a lot of times, so I'm not going to ask that you have a link back. I do ask that you not claim the work as your own, and that if anyone asks you about it, you point them back to me. Again, simple, but you're helping me out with that.

Some stuff I won’t accept commissions for-




OC slash canon character pieces


I do reserve the right to turn down a commission - If I’m not comfortable creating it, you won’t want me to be the one drawing it.

I’ll have three slots open at a time, so keep an eye out for when new spaces open up.


Aravin Dreysel - Mandalorian Character Sketchpaint
Since I've been hitting a massive wall in terms of stories, characters, etc lately thanks to a number of reasons, I decided to sit down and sketch out a character who I've had bouncing around in my head for a little bit now. Hoping this helps me to start breaking through on other ideas, as well as allowing me to go further in developing this lady. And look, short hair finally! Likely going to make the helmet a bit easier for her to manage, and I wanted to try something new with her.

This is Aravin Dreysel, who is alive during the time of the Clone Wars. I'm hoping to use her to flesh out a bit of the legacy following Sihna and leading to Laniff, as well as allowing me to just sit down and write a brand new character to try to get the wheels turning.
I'll likely be making changes to her as time goes on to try to get her to fit with the final character rather than staying as a sketch, but this was where I got to for now :)

Done in Photoshop CC with a Wacom Intuos Pro.
Mountains - Sketchdoodle
Just a sketchdoodle done in a sitting. Having a bit of fun and trying to also go back to painting more quickly, instead of getting bogged down in the details. Likely ended up going a bit too fast on this one, and I may end up going back and polishing it up at some point. Playing with ideas for a background for a character piece, and ended up painting mountains and having some fun. 

Also, I'm not too familiar with painting mountains (my brain gets confused with all the overlapping shapes and craziness that goes with them) so I wanted to really sit down and challenge myself to do something loose, fast, but outside of my comfort zone at the same time. Likely going to be the kind of challenge I continue to give myself to see how far I can get and what I can work on that isn't just characters ;)

Done in Photoshop CC with a Wacom Intuos Pro. About 1-2 hours.
Forge of Shadows - Bloodlines
As I'm getting back to moving Hunter of Shadows and Smuggler of Shadows forward once more, I realised that I had yet to share a character who, for me, is a lot of fun. This is one of the pieces featuring Sihna Dreysel, who is currently being written for an RP over on I truly recommend heading over there and jumping into the community. 

It's been forever since I managed forward progress with Kad and Nikki, but I am working, so please don't give up on me just yet ;) (Wink)

In the meantime, meet Sihna Dreysel. This is a the first chapter of a short story set in the Old Republic Era. (The rest can be found here as I publish it -…) This particular story is set within her childhood, and is meant to give a glimpse into her adult self and the past she carries. At this point she is far more the frightened child, though the events will start to shape her into something  more. This is a darker story for her, as well as for me.

As her name suggests, she has ties to characters within the Smuggler of Shadows series. These pieces are being written for an RP (including training skills, etc, so there will be a bit of that contained here, though I try to keep it within the world of the story), but as she's a character I've thoroughly enjoyed, I wanted to share her stories a bit further. The RP is being written on Star Wars Fates, if anyone is interested in looking further or joining in :) (Smile)

Particular thanks go to :icondelta-sixsevennineoh: for getting me involved in the RP site, helping me to write outside my comfort zone, taking Sihna under his character's wing to be trained, and encouraging me even when I have felt or still feel that my writing is too poor to be shared with anyone. Vore for not allowing me to forget why I love story and not allowing me to let my fears get the better of me, vod'ika. 

I love to hear thoughts and opinions, as always ;) (Wink) Enjoy :) (Smile)

Kehra- Full Body Design Piece
Another one of those pieces I started months ago and started way too many and so am only now finishing ;) Not 100% happy with it, and I may go back and redo the background so it's less... blah. But got to the point I needed to just call it done or I would never manage to escape. This is a full-body version of this character -…

So here she is in all her sassy charm, pilot and all around reckless soul Kehra Ke'dem, another character being written for an RP (If you're interested, head over to, that's where the fun is happening).  She is currently aligned with the Republic (But you know... things change ;) ), working as an insertion pilot, while getting into trouble on her own time (street fights, terrible bars, etc) in order to deal with recent events and the loss of the few people she would have labeled as family.
I have to say, I did have fun with this one. Hands are hard but I am determined to work on them instead of hiding them. Though it was close... Her hair is always a lot of fun for me to work with, as was trying to design something understated in terms of an outfit while keeping a flair that was more "Kehra" than my other characters.

Done in Photoshop CC with a Wacom Intuos Pro.
Have a couple SW pieces I'll be posting up once I'm back from travelling - I seem to always manage to miss May the 4th by a few days xD Next year, right?


Kadira7211's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi and thanks for stopping by my Deviant page!

I'm recent grad with a major in Animation and Visual Effects who just so happens to both write and draw. I started out as a traditional artist, using mostly charcoal, conte, and graphite, but I've now moved more into the digital realm. I tend to lean towards Sci-Fi and Fantasy art (As well as some fanart :) ), as both of these genres are what got me into drawing in the first place. I'm still learning, of course, and enjoy the challenges each new piece brings.

I have a FanFiction account, where you can find some of my writings (All of which are currently set in the Star Wars universe). The link is-…

Again, thanks so much for stopping by my page, I hope you enjoy what you find here!

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